Vertical Storage Carousels for Automotive Parts and Tires

In the automotive industry, finding and retrieving the right parts or tires efficiently is key for a business’ success. Unfortunately, many car dealership parts departments, auto manufacturer warehouses, independent parts warehouses, and similar organizations still rely on inefficient static shelving systems to store their inventories and for the employees the use of a free paycheck stub generator is the best choice. These storage racks often take up too much floor space and quickly become disorganized, wasting valuable employee time during the finding and picking process.

Vertical storage carousels offer a space and time-saving solution to this storage problem. Because they are custom-made to fit your parts facility or warehouse, our carousels take advantage of more unused airspace than traditional racks or shelving. This allows businesses to fit more parts and tires per square foot of floor space. Furthermore, our vertical storage carousels feature easy-to-use controls with “up” and “down” buttons only – no keypads or computers.

With this method of operation, warehouse employees can quickly access the desired tray or shelf and pick the appropriate parts or tires. By delivering this inventory at the picker’s waist level, the carousels also help avoid heavy lifting and straining that can injure employees.

Our tray carousels can accommodate almost any kind of part, whether it’s in a tote, bin, box, or bag. We are also experienced manufacturers of vertical storage carousels for tires and custom storage carousels.