Rotary Solution’s R3AC Series A/C recharging machines are an innovative vehicle diagnostic tool, designed to automatically service the refrigerant in vehicle air conditioning systems. Rotary’s shop equipment provides automotive service professionals with a quick, efficient, and cost-effective way to recover, recycle, and recharge R134a and R1234yf refrigerant gases.

Ott Equipment Service carries these models:

  • The single-gas R3AC50-A (R134a refrigerant compatible)
  • The single-gas R3AC60-YF (R1234yf refrigerant compatible)
  • The dual gas R3AC80-AYF (both R134a and R1234yf compatible)

Each machine is Wi-Fi enabled, updates automatically and can connect to peripheral devices such as smartphones and printers. Remote monitoring is available through a mobile app, which allows technicians to focus on other tasks while the A/C machine is in operation. They also are supported by Rotary’s nationwide service network and industry-leading warranty.




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